Staff, 2016-2017
Editors-in-chief: Maximilian Conley, Lacey Hunter, Sarah Miles, Garrett W. Wright
Managing Editor: Mark W. Hornburg
Reviews Editor: Max Lazar
Treasurer: Ruoyu Ji
Chief Faculty Advisor: Dr. Max Owre
Graduate staff: Robin Buller, Kirsten Cooper, Peter Gengler, Allison Gose, Dakota Irvin, Max Lazar, Caroline Newhall, Caroline Nilsen, Kristin Sargeant, Josh Tait
Undergraduate staff: Alli Black, Wendy Cheng, John Hess, McKenzie Hitchcock, Madeline Hollingsworth, Ruoyu Ji, Luke Kessel, Charles Lumsden, Justine Schnitzler
Faculty advisors: Dr. William L. Barney, Dr. Kathleen DuVal, Dr. Raúl Necochea, Dr. John Wood Sweet


National Awards:

  • First (2013) and Second (2012, 2014, 2016) place, Nash History Journal Prize, Phi Alpha Theta
  • Fielder Valone, Raymond J. Cunningham Prize, American Historical Association, for “Destroying the Ties that Bind: Rituals of Humiliation and the Holocaust in Provincial Lithuania” (2012)
  • Michael Welker, Raymond J. Cunningham Prize, American Historical Association, for “Nothing without a Demand: Black Power and Student Activism on North Carolina College Campuses, 1967-73,” (2015)
  • Griffin Creech, Raymond J. Cunningham Prize, American Historical Association, for “‘Our Revolutionary Cadres Are Always beside the Masses’: Reconsidering the Role of Khmer Rouge Cadres in Democratic Kampuchea” (2016)

Other Awards:

  • Lawson Kuehnert, Eugene Jackson Chancellor’s Award, UNC-Chapel Hill, for his work on Traces
  • Philip Schwartz, Southern Conference on Slavic Studies Prize for best paper by an undergraduate student (2013)
  • Gerhard Weinberg Prize in European History, “The Specter of Fascism” (2013) and Philip Schwartz, “Soviet Cultural Politics in the Late 1960s and the Struggle for the Release of Andrei Rublev” (2015).
  • William L. Barney Prize in Southern History, Michael Welker, “Nothing without a Demand: Black Power and Student Activism on North Carolina College Campuses, 1967-1973” (2015).
  • William L. Barney Prize in Southern History, Tyler Litke, "Yearning for Normalcy: Marriage and Gender in the Slaveholding Class during the Civil War" (2017).

Former Traces Staff and Advisors

Traces Alumni: Turner Albernaz, Emily Cathey, Elizabeth Chase, Griffin Creech, Augusta Dell'Omo, Chiraayu Gosrani, Gary Guadagnolo, Chase Haislip, Brandon Hartzell, Joel Hebert, Maggie Howell, Scott Krause, Helen Kyriakoudes, Anna Langley, G. Lawson Kuehnert, Eric Medlin, Jeanine Navarrete, John Robertson, Ryan Schocket, Bo Stump, Grace Tatter, Martha Upton, Peter Vogel, Michael Welker, Burt Westermeier, Tom Wolf
Former Chief Faculty Advisor: Dr. Miles Fletcher 
Former Faculty Advisors: Dr. Matthew Andrews, Dr. W. Fitzhugh Brundage, Dr. Marcus Bull, Dr. Melissa M. Bullard, Dr. Karen Hagemann, Dr. Jacquelyn Hall, Dr. Jerma Jackson, Dr. Miguel La Serna, Dr. Wayne E. Lee, Dr. James L. Leloudis, Dr. Donald J. Raleigh, Dr. Donald M. Reid, Dr. Jay M. Smith, Dr. John Wood Sweet, Dr. Eren Tasar, Dr. Michael Tsin, Dr. Zaragosa Vargas, Dr. Gerhard Weinberg, Dr. Jessica Wilkerson, Dr. Molly Worthen