Maximilian Conley

Undergraduate Editor: Maximilian Conley

Max is the current co-undergraduate editor-in-chief of Traces, occupying this position since the spring of 2016. For the previous volume, in addition to serving as a general editor, he worked especially on the interview section of the journal, organizing an interview of Val Lauder and conducting another with Dr. Miles Fletcher. Max is excited to continue working on the journal for the next couple of years.

A student at UNC Chapel Hill, Max is a double major in history and philosophy. As an aspiring historian, he is primarily interested in modern Japanese history, particularly intellectual and environmental history. He previously published an article with the Vanderbilt Historical Review on Jewish refugees in Japan during WWII and have done graduate-level research with Dr. Fletcher on the historiography of modern Japanese whaling as well. In the fall of 2017, he plans to research Japanese nationalism and its environmental scope, focusing on the cultural and artistic discourse surrounding cherry blossoms and trees as symbols and objects of national identity.

Outside of history, Max loves writing and reading poetry, discussing philosophy, watching movies, and collecting penguin-related items.